The poetry of Ranger A. Tad Strange explores with honesty and humor the nature of what it means to be human.

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By observing our animal friends—be they fluffy or foul or fowl, Strange reveals their not-so-strange kinship with us all too often not-so-wise homo sapiens. His work is extraordinary in scope, delving from the mating habits of iguanas to the wrath of lions and the frightfully sinister flutterings of white moths. 

A. Tad Strange is the Norm D. Plume of Jacques Outré, a native of Tahiti. The great-great-great grandson of Queen Pomare IV and French Admiral Dupetit Thouars, he is at One (Taini-kai) with the angle of the galactic plane and was purified at Taputapu-atea Mara-e on Raiatea. As a child, he lived under the stars and under their protection. He wore no shoes until age 17 when he underwent the traditional tattoo lacing ceremony. After several years as a Air Tahiti Nui yoga/Pilates instructor, he emigrated to America.

Forbidden to return home or ever to view sacred Mt. Orohena, he now spends his summers in Isle Royale National Park in the middle of blustry Lake Superior where he is a warmly-dressed United States Park Ranger and Moose Warden. In the autumn and winter, Outré follows the geese and the constellation Virgo down the Mississippi in a pinebark canoe, often traveling with John McPhee, an expert on oranges, rocks, Clorox bleach, coal trains, and nuclear power. Thence eastward he rambles on Interstates 40 and 95 to the Okefenokee Swamp where he teaches Literary Poetics at the Mamzelle Hepzibah School for Girls. He likes the Atchafalaya Basin as well, but has not been there recently, due to an inclement polar alignment of Turtle-boy and Hotua matua.

The fields and forests, the valleys and the mountains, the oceans' depths—all call Strange to rejoice.

This newly updated and revised selection Outré's Strange and outré poetry showcases some of Strange’s most strange work and provides an indispensable bouillabaisse-type olla podrida entreé into a pacific world that is most indubitably indubitable. 

The American Poetry Association is proud to have published Strange's other books, including "Beaks, Cheeks, and Skinks" (APA, 2001, Out of Print); "Things That Crawl" (APA, 2003, Out of Print); "Tahiti te Pota Ure (Penis in the Taro Leaves) (APA, 1999, Out of Print); and "Atchafalaya—Why Ya?" (APA, 2005, Out of Print). His poems have also appeared in Eleven Thursdays Gazette, The Eff Review, Arkansas Poetics, and The New Yorker. The American Poetry Association is proud to publish his latest collection "Beastly Bestiary," an ark of animalia (available immediately via Amazon Books).

Mr. Strange, if on dry land, may be reached at

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Lovelorn? Lost Your
Job? Alcoholic?
Dog Won’t Come?
Cat Won’t Stay?
Black Crow Knock,
Knock, Knockin’
On Your Window?
Need a Little
Cheering Up?

You’ve Come to the
Right Place! Ranger
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