* A. Tad Strange* Lester Scoggin * Emily Norcross *

* Zanzibar "Buck Buck" McFate * Dalmatian toadflax *

Poets All & All-American Allies
 They Stand In the Struggle Against
Cheap, Defective Imported Verse—That Lousy-Won't-Rhyme-
Can't-Stand-Up-Under-Heavy-Textual-Analysis Doggerel
Slapped Together by Child "Poets" Using Lead Pencils.

American Poetry Alliance Poets Use 100% American Ink.

Our Promise to You:

These Works Herein Guaranteed
To Be of Beauty & Virtue, Backed By Full Faith &
Confidence in the First Amendment to
The Constitution of the United States of America,
So Help Us, God.

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Founded in 1827, the American Poetry Alliance (APA) is this nation’s oldest and most venerable poetry society.

A non-profit publisher, the APA sprang to life thanks to the dying bequest of its progenitor Captain Nathaniel Peleg.

“Poetry is America’s life blood,” he wrote. “Let it ever surge. Let it a-roarin’ boil. Let it simmer. Let it easy flow. Let it thump, thump, thumpety, thump.”

Over the APA’s 180 year history, it has proudly published the worldly wordly works of such lively literary luminaries as Utah's poet laureate Elijah Morton; subway token clerk Sy “the Bronx Bard” Butterfield; Shakira X of the women's correctional facility in Vacaville, California; lesbian farmer Ruth Rachel Gordon; Dr. Archibald Lusk, the late African-American president of Mississippi's all-marching Capertain University; Park Chun Hee, a prisoner of the North and South Korean governments for 23 years; Staff Sergeant Calvin Rhodes who died of the flu at Fort Dix in 1918; the transgendered Judy Potter-Weinstein Morgan; peace activist and parakeet breeder Wall W. Robbie, South Dakota State Representative Ann Majtlis (D, Butte), and V.L. Everson, Supreme Master of the External Zone of Quifquaf.

Regrettably, their works are all out of print.

The APA looks forward to bringing all of the works of all of the above bards back into glorious print. And to make money from, too.

For this to happen, for the APA to flourish in this the new century of Progress, the 21st, for the voice of the poets and poetesses to be heard abroad in this, our great Land of Liberty, we, the Board of Trustees of the American Poetry Alliance, humbly seek your support.

Α ∞◊ § ♥ ♦ ∞ Ω


Our new stable of poets—A. Tad Strange (a pseudonym of Polynesian emigré and animal lover Jacques Outré), femynist Emily Norcross, Lester Scoggin (the blind bard of Tallapoosa, Georgia), the disemboweled and scalped and hopefully dead Zanzibar "Buck Buck" McFate, and the invasive, yet compellingly lovely, weed Dalmatian toadflax—is (or 'are' depending on how well one understands the rules of grammar) champing at their respective bits. Nay, they whinney to gallop o’er fields of flowers.

We congratulate you, dear poetry lover, for your purchase of their slender volumes of immortal glory that sometimes rhyme. We also shall appreciate any cash donations you may happen to be able to send our way. Box 9881, Chapel Hill, NC 27515.

Be assured!—All poetic volumes of the American Poetry Association are subjected to the most holistically intense editorial kneadings and peace-positive manipulations by a trained multi-racial and gender-bias free staff of 100% organic experts in the non-competitive literary poetic arts of words. All works of the American Poetry Association are guaranteed error free and to be beautiful and of virtue.

Thank you, and God bless the United States of America, the last best hope of Humanity, the shining lamp upon a hill, the bell that rings in the night, the lantern in the church steeple—Hi yo, Silver, it's clobberin' time, and, yes, we can—Sing a song of cheer again!


(The Trustees)

Euphronia Strong, DLitt., S.T.D., OxOnFam, Boston, Massachusetts

Prof. Morris Vanderhof, MActg, Dir, Center for Advanced Thought, Berkely, Kentucky

Lexus Lovette, GED, AfricaFirst Union of Brothers, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Carlos Miguel Francisco Shank, VS, Hispanic Arts Council (Si Furtado), Dallas, Texas

Vanessa Smith, Wymen's Arts Council, O.D., Portland, Oregon

Nadine Sobolevitch, oh.nadine@icx.net Supreme Editor-in-Chief, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Donations, American Poetry Alliance, Box 9881, Chapel Hill, NC 27515


Α ∞◊ § ♥ ♦ ∞ Ω


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There Will Be No Charge For "Ask a Poet." It Will Be a Free Public Service of the American Poetry Alliance. That is Our Promise to You.