FrequenCy Asked QueStions

How May I Donate Cash Money to American Poetry Alliance, Its Poets, and Their Children Who Are Probably Going to College Soon?

You may give cash. See bellow for more inform.

Is It Possible to Use Credit Card to Make Donation?

No, sorry for you, but cash only by law is required. Law of Congress. Entit18§1038:I,47(a)(1).

Will personal checks, third-party checks, or bank cashiers' checks be okay for me to send right now?

No. Cash. American currency. No, change mind, lady's perogitive. You send gold. It best. Now that world go to cookie can in handbucket.

Who drew the lovely illustrations of each poet, the ones graceful many of the pages of this very well designed website?

All illustrations are by Rick Geary, a very gift man who values his piracy except when you have a lucrative business offer on him. Please assure your check does not flounce when you pay him, especially if you are dong so right before Christmas when he most would like to have the money and is very polite about it when he has to wait even longer than he already has.

And who may I ask did the most professional website design and other mysterious coding necessary for the internet magic of this?

Santa and her electro-elf daniel. Santa is real, and she live near Disneyworld. Daniel of him not so sure.

When Can I see and hear poets for myself?

You will be patient. Soon. We are having audio clippings of all poet and getting right to legal reguirements of posting videos. Book reading events are in your area. Could be Mr. Strange open for Ratdog fall east coast tour. Be smokin' hot in Richmond. Greenseyboro, too. Yes, tasty good, though not quite as smokin' hot as Phil's historic five-night stand at the Warfield in May. Jaysus D. Christopher. Aoxomoxoa or what?Plus Philly boy comin' south again. Must be like December 25, 2012. End of all times as we are knowing them. Remember day of Aug. 1 and keep holy. 

sWhat's up with this 'ask a Poet?" I have personal problmes. Issues. I need to ask a poe?

Santa and electro-left Dan; are working just as hard. amaybe if you eat a biscuit you will be better feeling. Maybe go take a hiike, get some freshair. go to ocean. Look at what washes up on tidy beach and be glad you are not crabshell orf disgusting blob of jealtin. I do not know, am just editor. Poets will be telling soon so you just keep your cork screwed in until then. Like homes say, hang. But not yourshelve. Am not responsibvle for your Shkarefearean tragedy. Increase the peace.


Α ∞◊ § ♥ ♦ ∞ Ω



Make gift cash. Poets starve, only have wine to eat without you genrousity.

All moneys cash accepted. No coins please. Under Federal Regulation Section Box 401(cK), vol. 4F By Congress is law. You are told this above. Go scroll yourself.

All so buy poetical products here NOW…See

look. Guarantee for you good..

Print form. Fill with pen, please good thank you. Be neat. Will ship secure brown warapper string tied hygenie.

These are the products foryou.........


I. Utencils

Angel Touch
___ #3 Pencil use by MS. Norcross …. $10 You want how many? ___

____ Fountain pen nib use by Anomie Strange $20 You want how many? ___

Y'all Scrawl

__Montblanc Bohème Black Resin & Platimum Used Fountain of Scoggin. You want home many? Ask for price, changes vased on London Fixing.

Practice Makes Perfict
___ Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencil of Mr. McFate $35 You want how many? ___ (if chewed is desired, add $25)

II. Apparel

A Real Let Down
___ A Ms. Norcross bobby pin ($5 apiece. With hair, add $20) You want how many? ___

I Smell Good.
___ Autographed bottle of Old Spice belong to Mr. McFate. $50 You want how many? ___

Package for You!
___ Autographed Calvin Klein bikini brief (has been wasted in warm water) belong to Anomie Strange. $45 You want how many? ___

III. Consumption
(All items are autographed)

It IS Risen!
___ Lily White flour sack (empty) for which Norcross made biscuits and scratched pies $25 Herbal tea bag not include. You want how many? ___

___ Budweiser can undrunken of Mr. McFate $20 (Youmust certify that you are 21 years of age or older to purchase.) Empty crush of Bushweiser $30 You want how many? ___ (You choice of beer brand (American only), plus $10. Ask for special six pack discounts.< /p>

Merci Merci Me
___ Evian bottle use as musical device by Anomie Strange $10
You want how many? ___

IV. Poetic Nostrums

Crack of Doom
___ Bible verse written in ink by Mr. Scog and sealed inside envelope. Old Testament $10; New Testament $20; Book of theRevelations $30

___ Predictions of the Future Sealed inside a Container inside a Block of Concrete, All Preform for you by Zbuck by Small Block of Concrete $20; Medium Block of Concrete $40; Large Block of Concrete with Glitter and Colored Glass Bits $75. All of McFate strong mitts before he was scalped and probabl die. You want how many? ___ (This offer not avail to residents of Indiana or New York City.)

5. vRoom!

___ Artifacts from Mr. McFate’s automotive storage chamber contrive in an artistic 3-dimensional fashion. Small (with oil can) $20. Medium Sized with snippers $40. Large (Includes Styrofoam sculpture) $60.

6. O!De Poet

___ Elixir of Emily. Lavender Scent. Containing actual glistening of poetess mixed with flower smells like toadflackx. Small bottel $25 Large (pint, good for bathing!) $50 __ How many for you?

__ Prescious Fleur. Lilac Odeur. Containing actual drops from forehead gland of Mr. Strange. Meet new Friends! Sample small bottle $25 Large (jug, about onetenth litre) $50 You want how many? __

__Pitness. Man scent of Mr. McFate. Gallon sizeonly. For washing of floor. (Low foaming action. Will not harm children or dogs. Cats, not sure.) Good on hair sinus too! $45 How many? ___

VII. Of Desk (Middle Drawer) Belong

___ Coins of Realm. Offical United Staetes of American currency coins. Show Abram Lincoln, TJ Jefferson, and many, many more famous president. No buffos. I pick small bag. $25. How many sack foryou? ___ From House of Scoggin only.

___ A;ll Natural Beings. Spider webs, kibbles. WE declide late for you. Pick now. Big Mystery! $39.99. How many baggies? ___ This is of Mr. Starange desk.

___ Pursely Things. We dump out handybag of E. Norcross for you. Is Kleenexes (much cried on), keys, chapsticks (brandtrademark registered), powders, book of Juan Baez, kitchen device, photos. Now only $19.99 ___ How many for you?

8. Paintings

__Natural Farm Scene Barn, Cows, Small childrend play, buckets. 12x18 inches ___ (Four colors) Only $19.99. (Add more colors, $2.99 each.) Add Jesus upper left corerner, add extra $9.99 By Our Lester. Remember he blinded, need special help of you...for food, please.

__Blood HOuse of Jewish Women. Article sculpture with Judy Detroit and team of women. Ms. Norcross conceptual womenstration protest $99. All donations for Hadassah Free Palestianian of Michigan.

__Expreimental Item Could be swirls or just big one flat color with e-motion-all squiggles. From easel of MR. Strange. $29.99 How many for you? (Extra brown (ocre of earth), add $9.99

__Breasts. Depict realism. Of any race. You pick. Will be female breasts. $19.99 (You choose racial identity.) Pain t while drinking beers, add $9.99. Of McFate to be sure.


Plus,! Extra!! Seedpods of Dalmatian toadflax many influceded in each offer. You plasce them in your sofa cushions, mattress, in neigbhor's garden, throw in air at baseball game aeosrol diesperion for mass inhaleing.... Non thraxy.

Your Address Here, Please. Name YOurself. You give Co oRds.



Your Method of Payment;
( ) CASH (Wrap carefully. No coins, stamps, or tokens.)

Your mail address address





Are you a poet? ( ) poetess? ( ) Not sure ( )
Teach me how to poet.

Sned now for more information.

___ Yes, I wqant to write short poems (under 9 lines) $19.99

___ Yes, I want to epislte medium verse (9 to 25 lines) $34.99

___ Yes, I am not looking back and want to be full big poet (unlimited lines) $99.99. Includes wine bottle, cork get out Twister patpend, beret, ‘shades’) Scarf, extra $9. toadflax leaves dried for smoking with ooodrder. Leotard not include.

Thank you.

Send all orders to: World of Poetry
Am Po All
Fullfillment Dept X4D7, Box 9881, 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Please allow six mos. For delivery.


Want Fullfeel?Do Me Write!
Nadine Sobolevitch
Supreme Editor
Am Po Ass
Box 9881
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-9881 (Zip she change!)


Godot for you and good blees America! New One born a minute!


Α ∞◊ § ♥ ♦ ∞ Ω



Direct legal inquiries, proposals regarding live performance bookings, visual art sales, zinc deposits, offers for purchase of motion picture rights, instructions on low-altitude herbicide application, Dionysian revels, and proposals of marriage to: