Can? Can be? Yes, can be! Is being. Of course, was before but now is again. Thank you and I am saying welcome to American Poetry Association. Thank you to Uncle Dmitri for capital financing allow me Nadine Sobolevitch, owner of American Poetary Association, direct you on internet.

History is interesting. Whaling captain on cape of cads start with money from whale flesh expedition of 1836. Many, many books publish. I see as child in Rostov, Union Soviet Republic gone goodbye! and thank you for kind missionary literature smugglers of America. I read as child all books by American Poet Association—books of B. Dalton Smith, poet of civil War—books of Madeline McCarthy, western cow poetess—books of Shabazz Fish, proud black man of Chicago steel mill hammer ring of truth—and, best of all, books of Franklin Provato, the San Fran funk-up king of speed jaZz, man. Sad to say, all old American Poetry Association books out of print. Valuable, if you collect.

One day again we publish anew all old, I hope you remember like me, all great American poets of white, black and Spanish and Chinese natures. Big stew pot America, and I am spooning.

But until suffice to say you go now buy read lick fingertip turn page study commit to heart all new, all new, only in America, all new American Poetary Association Books that I publish. Again, I am thanking you Uncle Dmitri for cash in fuse and to Mr. Auchi. Nadhmi, to you, shy boy, I shouts out mercy, bo koo, and shoukran gazeelan, ya habibi.

So, go now. Go on. Get a movement on. Read Z. Buck. Read my sweet Emily. Read what nice flower Dalmatian say. Read a Strange poem. Get your washing machine into spinning with Lester Scoggin.

I am going, must wash that pink red flamingo right out of hair.

Good buying until again,
Nadine Sobolevitch
Supreme Editor, American Poetr Ass.

Α ∞◊ § ♥ ♦ ∞ Ω


PeS…Am making blog update now… Sad.

It is with saddest that I regret to inform that Ms, “M” Norcoross has taken ill and is unable to apply to her many correspondents. The doctor has…excuse, pleasue, but I am choking with emots. He says it tis a fever. He says it will be ‘go and touch’ for awhile. I believe, in my personal, that it is the pesteilential miasama of the marshy swampfeidls. With all the men away at the War of IRaq, nothing can b drained. The Flyies are General. The coloured woman Eliza is at constant with our Dear Reast in the sickroom. She has applied a poultry but not flamingo you may beglad.

In the meanwhile, I am asking for your getwell help for our “M.” Health care costs being are what they, and having no poetesses’s health plan at American Poetry co., your immediate cash (only free) donation is appreciated. Thank you but we have plenty of aspirin, cotton, and bismuth. Do not send checks are they are not allowed under penalty of laws.

As you know I am being Russian, Land Of Poetry, and in sum total, I wish you a HappyDay of Laboring. God bless America, land of freedom. And genrousity.

Do Me Write!
Nadine Sobolevitch
Supreme Editor
Am Po Ass
Box 9881
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-9881