Lovelorn? Lost Your
Job? Alcoholic?
Washer on the Fritz?
Worried About the
Situation? Need
A Little Cheering Up?

Licensed major appliance service technician Lester Scoggin came to poetry—and major appliance repair—late in life. (Scroll to bottom for sample poems.)

Born in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, Scoggin fell in love with the stars while supervising his grandfather’s shepherds on the mossy rock-strewn heaths of Athol, the family’s estate. After reading for his Ast.D. at Oxford, he was graduated with a doctorate in celestial mechanics and thereafter was commissioned in the Royal Navy.

After a score of years in service, all classified (and the more’s the pity), Scoggin emigrated to the American state of Georgia, located north of Orlando, Florida, where Disneyworld is, where he hoped the climate would benefit his asthma and because of his interest in African-American folkways. Mr. Scoggin is a man whose mojo is working and in rhyming couplets.

Finding employment with Stanwyck’s Appliance of Tallapoosa, a remote, yet bustling, hamlet in middlewestern north Georgia, Scoggin has received certificates of excellence from the Maytag Corporation (now Shun Zho of Shanghai), General Electric, and Whirlpool. His treatises on ratchet gear orientation, translunar insertion, spin cycle ratio distribution loads, and orbital docking maneuvers have been published in Foreign Appliance Repair Policy Magazine, Raumfahrt Concret, and Novosti-Kosmonavtiki. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Major Appliance Relations, serving with former U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger on the standing unification Committee for the Present Situation of Zurich.

Profoundly religious, Scoggin has been examined and is an elder at the Third Baptist Tabernacle of Tallapaloosa. He also repairs small engines, in his spare time, and has a longstanding interest in action painting and Bauhaus Gestamtkunstwerk. He serves on several boards of directors, including that of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation. “Opposites struggle, not only in the washing machine, but in every individual and every artist,” Scoggin is fond of saying.

He has been blind since 1999, due to an unfortunate Clorox accident. “Os non hendit, quiscil erostrud tetum” as the old saying goes, or as the "coloured" folk in ol' Tallapoose say, "That some bad juju, Slim."

Look away, Dixieland, indeed, for as Mr. Scoggin has oft observed, "Love divine reigns o'er us all." 

The American Poetry Alliance is proud to have published all of Scoggin’s work including his premiere effort “Merga in Bootes” (APA, 1979, Out of Print); "Phoebe Cates, I Love You" (APA, 1984, Out of Print); “Armpit of the Great One” (APA, 1983, Out of Print); and "The Christy Turlington Sestinas" (APA, 1985, Out of Print). His latest effort "I Clean the Chicken, or The Oeuvre" (available now at Amazon Books) won the 2007 Hatch County, Georgia, Award for Excellence in Poetry. His next book "I Got Your Goat" shall appear in late 2009, assuming the Dow is above 10,000 at that point in time.

Mr. Scoggin welcomes correspondence at Due to his heavy travel schedule and prior commitments and because he is totally blind, he regrets that he is unable to respond personally to all those who write.

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COMING SOON:  Mr. Scoggin has agreed to recite a poem for Internet listening, once all legal issues have been resolved to his satisfaction. This site also soon plans to upload Mr. Scoggin's interview on The David Susskind Show.

Plus!  A New Poem by Mr. Scoggin Every Wednesday, mostly.


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